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Commission Form

Don't see what you want in our sprite database? No problem! Use this form to submit any sprite you want. We'll process it, and if it meets the guidelines below, add it to the database so you can purchase it through the site. (We add custom sprites to the public database at our discretion. If you don't want yours to be seen by the public, please say so in the notes field.) Commissioning a sprite with this form does not bind you to a purchase - this is only adding your sprite to the database.

Guidelines for submission:

  1. GIF images only. This means no JPG, PNG, whatever. No animated GIFs either, please.
  2. Image must be a single sprite only. No sprite sheets! Please crop your sheet down to the specific sprite you want before submission. If you are unable to do this, contact us directly and we'll work it out.
  3. Sprite must be 80 pixels or smaller on each side. (This means a maximum of 80x80.) Realize that large sprites (30px or more to a side) can be expensive. Compare your sprite to those on the site for a rough idea of price, and be aware of our pricing structure.
  4. Max file size is 5KB. This is more than you need for a GIF.
  5. Don't spam us. If you have a few different sprites you'd like to submit, that's fine; if you want dozens of sprites from one game added, submit the ones you think you'll actually buy and make a note of any others in the notes field.

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