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What's a "beadsprite"?

Ever heard of Perler beads? They're a kid's craft where small beads are placed on a pegboard and ironed to form a colorful design. These are those, but with extra nostalgic awesome. And magnetic or cork backings.

(For a better idea of what they are, check out the gallery.)

How does this site work? exists to sell our handmade beadsprite products. You can buy stuff in two ways:

  • Buy a sprite already in our database. This is easy! Just browse or search for your favorite sprite and add it to your cart. Individual items' prices are listed when browsing.
  • Send in your own sprite for us to make. This is done on the commissions page. (See that page for rules and limitations.) We'll review the image you send us and provide a price quote, and you can buy the sprite or not at your discretion.

Is there a fee for requesting stuff not in the database?

Nope! Commissioning a sprite we don't have listed costs exactly the same as one we do.

How much is shipping?

Most beadsprites are fairly small - under 6" long. Small orders, therefore, can usually ship to the US for $2 or less. For larger sprites or a large number of small ones, shipping will vary. We know how irritating high shipping costs can be, though, and try to keep our costs as low as possible. See the pricing page for more info.

Will you ship to other countries?

We ship everywhere that mail is delivered, but we work out international orders on a case-by-case basis to keep costs low. If you live outside of the United States, please contact us to work out your order (don't use the shopping cart).

Is this legal?

We believe that we are covered under the fair use doctrine. Our products are not infringing upon the copyright holders' ability to use the original sprites, as no product like ours is marketed (as far as we know) by any video game company. On the contrary; we like to think that our products rekindle gamers' interest in these quality older titles. Additionally, we hand-make each of our products, selecting the color palette ourselves and creatively interpreting the original images as we make them. Please contact us if you have any questions on concerns.

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