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Individual item prices can be found in the sprite listings.

Our first priority when selling sprites is to make sure you don't get ripped off. Our price structure is as accurate a reflection as possible of the materials consumed and the (not insignificant) time spent hand-making each sprite. That said, here's our price formula, used on every sprite. All pixel count divisions are rounded down to the nearest quarter.

Pixel Count Price Example
< 200 (#pixels / 100) + $1.50 Small items, tiny enemies, etc.
200-800 (#pixels / 100) + $2.00 Most normal-sized characters
> 800 (#pixels / 100) + $3 or more Very large characters

The Multi-Item Discount: When you buy multiple sprites, you save on every sprite you buy. Each sprite beyond the first will cut 5% off every item in the cart, up to a maximum of 20% off. (Buying 5 or more sprites, therefore, gives you the best value.)

Shipping is calculated directly from USPS weight, which runs $0.17 an ounce with a flat fee of $1. (We also add a $0.50 fee for the cost of the packaging.) What does this mean? You're looking at $1.75 or so for a single average-sized sprite, but this will only rise incrementally with more sprites. In other words, you save on combined shipping. (Orders over 13oz. need to be processed by us directly. If you're planning a large order, or the shopping cart tells you that you have a large order, please contact us.)

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