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Beadsprites themselves are just thin bits of plastic. Since thin bits of plastic have rather limited uses, we fashion them into more useful things.


Beadsprite magnets are just that - sprites with a magnetic backing. The magnet covers the entire back of the sprite and has a decently strong magnetic bond. Our magnets will stick to any magnetic surface, and make great decorations, but can only hold up about one sheet of paper. We do not recommend putting our magnets on your hard drive casing or metal plates embedded in your friends' bodies.


Our coasters are beadsprites adhered to cork sheeting with waterproof craft glue. We usually recommend naturally square or round sprites for coasters, but any sprite can become a coaster! (When purchasing a coaster, you'll have the option to leave the sprite as-is or have us add beads to it to make it square.) Coasters are usually best purchased in packs of 4 or more.

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